The original Studdolph herd was established in 1946, but only one line of the original British Polled Cattle still remain here. Everything else was sold at a dispersal sale in 1979. During the next ten years there were only a few pedigree cattle at Studdolph, more Hereford crosses but in the early nineties, we introduced new pedigree Poll bloodlines into the herd buying cattle from the Dendor, Lowesmoor, Costhorpe and Mandalay herds. Stock bulls have of course played an important part in our breeding programme, carefully selected to suit the females in order to look after length, good confirmation, muscle and legs.

Although we have thought on many occasion to discontinue the British Polled line in the Studdolph Herd, very often it’s a British Polled bull that is superior in a group of young bulls, and the one that catches the customer’s eye.

Most of the bulls are sold to local farmers at 12-15 Months of age and it is our policy to give a choice to every customer that comes along and not retain the best for showing purposes. We have many faithful customers who always return to buy a new stock bull when required and many bulls from our breeding are still going strong at over 10 years old.

In 2005, the Studdolph Poll Herd (which was once used for Horned Cattle) was established when Non was given two heifers for Christmas.

When we were awarded the National Hereford Herd of the Year in 2008 it was a proud moment and we felt we had been doing something right in selecting both females and males to achieve the high standard we had been aiming for!